Pictures from LMCB Toy Run

Hi all.  Please find attached some of the pictures that Gunnsteinn (Icebreaker) took during our time at the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau Toy Run on this past Sunday (October 7th, 2018).  I’ll add more as I receive them from the others that were present.

Opus with his gift for the 2018 LMCB Toy Run
Icebreaker with Mr. and Mrs. Claus at the 2018 LMCB Toy Run
(From L to R) Nikki, Scotty, Opus, Tyler, and Icebreaker at the 2018 LMCB Toy Run

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  1. Thanks to the group on behalf of KidSafe for your contribution in memory of our recently departed friend Ralph McKnight.
    A fitting tribute to a wonderful man.

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