2020 SPCA Donation Ride

Sunday September 20th is the Chilliwack SPCA donation ride.

More than ever they need our help, so lets show some love by donating what you can to this worthy cause.

Because of COVID-19, we must keep each riding group small. Please organize a meetup spot within your riding group, then ride out to the Chilliwack SPCA @ 6797 Hopedale Rd.

There will be drop off bins for us on site between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm. Afterwards, feel free to enjoy an afternoon of riding with your group, or meet at Dukes Pub for a socially distant gathering.

Here are the meetup spots on Sunday for those not riding in their own bubble:

* Trev Deeley HD (1875 Boundary Rd) @ 9:45 ksu @ 10:00
* Barnes HD (8859 201 St, Langley) @ 10:30 ksu @ 10:45
* Maan Farms Market (790 McKenzie Rd, Abby) @ 11:45 ksu @ 12:00
* Drop off @ SPCA (6797 Hopedale Rd, Chilliwack)

Then, either meet up at Dukes Pub @ 41582 Yale Rd (social distant gathering) or go for an afternoon ride.

Please find attached the SPCA’s “Wish List” of list of items they are in most need of.

New 1st and 2nd Officers!

Ian and Donny have decided to step down as the 1st and 2nd officers, respectively.

Opus had stepped up as the new 1st officer, and Tydel as the 2nd.

We thank Ian and Donny for their years of service to the chapter!

Summer Meeting Time

Hi all, as per Doug on the CMC National forums (here) we will be switching our Sunday meeting time to summer hours (09:00) for the 2019 season starting Sunday May 5th, 2019.

See you then!

Pictures from LMCB Toy Run

Hi all.  Please find attached some of the pictures that Gunnsteinn (Icebreaker) took during our time at the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau Toy Run on this past Sunday (October 7th, 2018).  I’ll add more as I receive them from the others that were present.

Opus with his gift for the 2018 LMCB Toy Run

Icebreaker with Mr. and Mrs. Claus at the 2018 LMCB Toy Run

(From L to R) Nikki, Scotty, Opus, Tyler, and Icebreaker at the 2018 LMCB Toy Run